Help us build the next generation in digital health

We built Summus to restore the connection between patients
and the collective wisdom of our medical community.

About Summus

Summus is creating a new virtual marketplace for expertise that has attracted leading doctors across 48 academic hospitals in the United States. Summus curates access to expertise across the spectrum of specialty care, and enables direct person-to-person interactions via video and in-person across state and country borders. We sell our services in the employer market across industries to support better, cost efficient medical decisions. Our platform also powers second opinion and access programs for leading hospitals. We are looking for exceptional talent to help build the next generation digital health company that changes the way families access high quality medical expertise.

Summus investors are affiliated with leading private equity and venture capital firms, hedge funds, and investment banks. Our advisors have founded, advised, and run leading technology, healthcare, and information services companies.

We are driven by a desire to create a market for the best medical expertise, and to help families in need find the best answers, quickly.

Open Positions

There are no positions available at this time.