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Clear insights drive better medical decisions

Summus is the platform to access the best medical insights and expertise. By connecting your employees with the right doctor, at any point in the journey, across any health question, employees have the insights they need to make better decisions about their care.

Better access. Better decisions. Better outcomes.

A comprehensive solution that puts high-quality doctors at the heart of healthcare


Simple, streamlined access to leading doctors who help untangle a complex healthcare system.


Employees make better choices with clear guidance and education from trusted physicians.


Fast access to high-quality expertise leads to better treatment plans and healthier, happier employees.


Better decisions lower costs — fewer redundant tests, reduced specialist and ED visits, and lower treatment costs.

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The Summus difference

A marketplace that attracts leading physicians

We bring an innovative model to healthcare, where Summus members connect to leading doctors within hours and days.

Support across 120+ specialties

We are the solution where employees can find answers to health questions— big or small— across the continuum of care.

Personalized health journeys

End-to-end longitudinal support coupled with limitless access to high-quality expertise equips employees to make better healthcare choices at any point in the health journey.

Simple, elevated employee experience

Navigating the healthcare system is daunting. Summus creates a seamless and supported experience by partnering each employee with a dedicated advocate and guide.

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Restoring Human Connection in Healthcare

Real employees. Real results.
Better understand health concerns
Changed treatment path
Change in diagnosis
Reduction in total cost of treatment

Clear insights drive better outcomes

9.4 / 10

member satisfaction

Summus is a benefit that employees use. And love using. So much so that they score the experience as pretty close to flawless.

6 minute

average response time

Within minutes of entering their health question on the Summus platform, members are connected with a human to get them the answers they need.


average savings per Summus engagement

Equipped with answers from trusted experts, Summus members make better decisions about where to seek care and which treatment option is right for them.



While our model intuitively makes sense, our validated methodology and dashboards allow you to clearly track and continuously measure program utilization across all your top cost drivers in real time.

The solution for modern HR managers

Instead of leaving you juggling a range of point solutions, Summus provides you with fast, personalized access to the full range of the best medical expertise — across every specialty, in one place. We help HR leaders consolidate solutions and provide the highest quality experience with measurable cost savings tied to better decisions in specialty care.

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Personalized support on cancer journeys
Summus ROI methodology brief
The benefit Notre Dame calls "game changing"

Employers and members love Summus

In a crowded benefits marketplace, Summus has distinguished itself as an offering that provides the highest quality employee care in some of the most difficult situations. Beyond that, Summus partners with us to provide our employees with best-in-class resources, including speakers, classes, and seminars.
Alisa Beckman Director of Benefits and Wellness at Bridgewater
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I am very happy with this service and very happy that my employer provided Summus as a benefit. I loved that I felt like I was being heard instead of talked to.
Shawn P Employee
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We typically hear from people who are having a really bad day, but with Summus we hear nothing but gratitude, and our faculty and staff are just so incredibly thankful to have Summus as a benefit.
Scott Hershberger Benefits and Compensation Manager, Notre Dame University

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