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Transforming access to specialty care

Long wait times for specialists result in delays in care, increased avoidable visits and out-of-network spend, and frustrated members and primary care providers.

Through the power of a marketplace model for specialty care and a doctor-centered user experience, the Summus platform is able to provides access in hours or days to the nation's leading specialists.

How we help

Seamless, scalable, and simple, the Summus platform and specialty care marketplace make high-quality specialty care affordable, equitable, and easy to access for members and doctors.







Specialty expertise that increases satisfaction and lowers cost

By bringing together the nation’s top specialists on a single, powerful platform, Summus provides your members and your physician networks with a solution that improves CAHPS scores and patient outcomes and delivers significant cost savings.

For members

Summus’ virtual member care platform integrates seamlessly into your care experience, allowing members to get fast answers from top specialists across any health condition.

For network providers

Our peer-to-peer solutions empower your primary care and in-plan specialist providers with direct access to consultations with our curated specialist network, reducing the need for specialty referrals.

Summus Direct-to-Member

The first choice for members, their families and caregivers to get fast access to the highest quality specialty care virtually and in-person, Summus makes it easier to navigate and make informed decisions across the continuum of specialty care - from allergies to cancer.

Summus Peer-to-Peer

From streamlined questions to managing complex care journeys, our peer-to-peer platform gives every physician, everywhere, access to high quality specialists who can help them deliver better care pathways and strengthen their relationships with patients.​

A comprehensive solution for specialty care

Instead of leaving you juggling a range of point solutions, Summus provides you with fast, personalized access to 120+ specialties and sub-specialties, in one place. We help health plans consolidate solutions, support VBC arrangements, and provide the highest quality member and provider experience.

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Improving MA CAHPS scores & retention
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