The Leading Virtual Specialist Platform

The Leading Virtual Specialist Platform

Get personalized expert advice for every medical decision

Summus enables you to consult by video or phone with renowned specialists from the United States to help you become educated about your health issue within days.
No travel required.


Our World-Class Experts

Summus provides fast, virtual acess to 4,000+ world-class medical experts from 48 top-ranked academic hospitals in the United States. Leading physicians who are on the cutting edge of research and treatment in their respective sub-specialties consult through Summus.

Cynthia Gyamfi-Bannerman, MD
Cynthia Gyamfi-Bannerman, MD
5 Stars
Bio Details
Professor of Obstetrics. Chair of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences.
University of California San Diego School of Medicine / UC San Diego Health

Your Summus team will be comprised of best-in-class clinicians and a dedicated concierge who are committed to high-touch, white glove service.

Sohita Torgalkar, MD
Summus Partner
Your family's dedicated concierge. Benefit from a commitment to intelligent and high-touch service that defines Summus.
Summus MD
Highly-trained physicians serve as your trusted clinical resource for synthesizing your health information, finding the best specialists for your needs, and preparing you for your virtual consultation.
Expert Specialist
Highly regarded and individually curated specialists from leading institutions in the United States, available within days to spend quality time and answer spedific questions via video or phone consultation.

How it works

Request a remote expert consultation
1. Request a remote expert consultation
First, request a Remote Expert Consultation. You will be asked to provide basic information about your health. You will be assigned a dedicated concierge to support you through the consultation process.
Consult with your Summus MD
2. Consult with your Summus MD
Next, you will speak with your Summus MD, who is your dedicated medical advisor at Summus, to better understand your health concerns and match you with the best specialist for your Remote Expert Consultation.
Prepare for your Remote Expert Consultation
3. Prepare for your Remote Expert Consultation
Your Summus MD will list specific medical records for your Remote Expert Consultation, which you can easily upload to the Summus Platform. Your Summus MD will organize and synthesize all of your health information in advance of your consultation.
Consult with an Expert Physician
4. Consult with an Expert Physician
Engage in an in-depth discussion by video or phone with a best-in-class, US-based specialist regarding your specific diagnosis and health questions. Your Expert Physician will review your health information before the consultation, and then consult directly with you and any family members for up to 60 minutes.

Every day, we help our members get to the best medical answers with speed and confidence

Prostate Cancer
Prostate Cancer
Zaid, 41 + Omar, 72
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
"Dr. Moul was compassionate and addressed our concerns through a data-driven approach. The insights we received were indispensable to my father's treatment and our decision to proceed with robotic surgery."
Febrile Seizures
Febrile Seizures
Amira, 32 + Layla, 2
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Summus and the opportunity we had to speak with one of the top pediatric epilepsy specialists in the country."
Degenerative Disc Disease
Degenerative Disc Disease
Kevin, 67
Jakarta, Indonesia
"Dr. Whang was incredible. He took the time to answer all of my questions, and Summus suggested a top surgeon highly proficient in the MDR who is located close enough to home. I'm thankful for Summus's exceptional support."


*Please note that Summus is not an emergency medicine hotline. If you are facing an emergency health issue, visit the nearest emergency room.

1. What is Summus?

Summus is the leading virtual specialist platform that gives you access to a powerful network of US-based physicians from top-ranked academic hospitals, available by phone or video from anywhere in the world – across all health concerns and within days. Families all over the world use Summus to gain expert insights on chronic conditions, serious and complex diagnoses, current and potential treatment protocols, and surgeries.

2. Who is the Summus MD medical advisory team?

Summus MDs are specialists in emergency and internal medicine who are on faculty at leading academic hospitals and trained at top institutions. They will help you and your family work through your health questions and smartly act on your health concerns.

3. Who are the doctors in the Summus network?

Summus has built a virtual specialist network that enables you to quickly connect with the best doctors in the United States across all areas of specialty medicine. Summus-affiliated physicians are leaders in their respective fields, have thousands of hours of practical experience, are on the cutting edge of research and innovation, and are associated with the best medical institutions and practices. Doctors who join our network are vetted by our in-house medical team. Each physician is board-certified in his or her specialty. Today, the Summus network includes 4,000+ doctors across 48 top-ranked academic hospitals in the US. We also offer select access to international leaders in medicine.

4. Does Summus facilitate access to Centers of Excellence?

Yes. Summus facilitates Remote Expert Consultations with specialists who are associated with Centers of Excellence across the United States and around the world.

5. What are Remote Expert Consultations?

Remote Expert Consultations are in-depth, 45-60 minute consultations by video or voice with expert specialist physicians to help you become as educated as possible about your health issue through direct conversations with top medical experts.

6. How does the Summus Expert Consultation process work?

Speaking to a top medical expert through our Expert Consultation service is an easy, 5-step process:

Step 1 — Summus MD Consultation
Speak with a Summus MD to review your health concern, medical history, and preferences. We help gather all requisite medical information.

Step 2 — Medical Records
Upload your relevant medical records to the secure Summus platform.

Step 3 — Expert Match
Our Summus MD will suggest an expert physician from our network based on the condition, your availability, and your preferences.

Step 4 — Consultation Preparation
Your Summus MD shares intake information with your chosen physician ahead of your consultation, and provides you with a set of questions to guide your consultation and help you get the most out of it.

Step 5 — Expert Consultation
You and the consulting specialist engage in a 45-60 minute discussion via video or phone from anywhere in the world. Family members are free to join your consultation through the secure Summus platform.

7. Which types of diagnoses qualify for Summus?

Summus is available across all diagnoses and medical conditions except for therapeutic mental health. Here are some examples:

Preventive & Ongoing Health

  • Sleep disorders
  • Pediatric development
  • Reproductive health
  • Weight management
  • Thyroid conditions

Complex & Serious

  • Cancer
  • Spine conditions
  • Neurologic disorders
  • Heart disease
  • Alzheimer’s & dementia
8. When should I contact Summus?

You should contact Summus if you are seeking guidance and the best insights on a health question or medical concern. Whether you're facing a recent diagnosis, seeking to learn about managing an ongoing health issue, have questions about surgery, or are trying to understand different treatment options, Summus will help you understand your choices.

9. Do I have to travel to speak with physicians through Summus?

No travel is required through Summus. We enable you to consult by video or phone with leading US physicians from anywhere in the world, and within days. We facilitate consultations on behalf of families around the world.

10. How do I provide medical records for a Remote Expert Consultations?

The Summus team will identify medical records for you to upload for your consulting physician’s review. You may access your medical records at any time.

11. Does Summus share information about my case?

Summus is fully confidential. We handle all of your health information with utmost discretion. We will store your case-related medical records and share them with your consulting physician only with your consent. Summus will not share your information with anyone without your authorization.

12. Can you give me an example of how Summus has helped someone?

Summus has helped people tackle a wide range of health issues, from minor procedures, to understanding the risks and benefits of knee replacement surgery, to supporting informed decisions after a cancer diagnosis.

Here is one member story:
Mariam had made a career out of thriving under pressure and delivering great impact for her team. But an unexpected diagnosis of early-stage pancreatic cancer presented her with a problem she was unprepared to solve. While Mariam knew it was critical to act quickly, she didn't know where to turn. "I knew nothing about my prognosis but needed to make decisions about my treatment plan. Unfortunately, I had very little face time with my doctors, leaving me with the internet to dwell on ten-year-old information." A colleague recommended Mariam reach out to Summus for an Expert Consultation.

"I sent all my information to Summus, and they took care of everything." Mariam's Summus MD and concierge team reviewed her records and prepared a comprehensive list of questions for her consultation. Within three days of contacting Summus, Mariam had an hour-long video call with the Chief of the Division of Medical Oncology at Duke, a world-renowned expert in the clinical study and treatment of pancreatic cancer. "Getting an appointment with this doctor by myself would have required many phone calls and a plane ride back and forth. Summus was able to connect me within days. Our hour-long conversation was frank and illuminating, and covered the spectrum of conventional and unorthodox therapies." Mariam is now undergoing treatment and is upbeat about her progress. "I can't thank Summus enough. I was able to understand my situation and choose the treatment path that was appropriate for me. Most importantly, I gained the peace of mind that my decisions were, in fact, smart ones."

13. How will Summus work with my treating physician?

Summus does not replace the relationship you have with your primary care doctor or treating physician. We provide the ability to quickly access information and insight from leading experts. The goal of every consultation is to have an informed next step so you can move forward with confidence. Generally, treating doctors are very open to receiving expertise from leading physicians in their field.

14. What if my doctor tells me I need a major medical procedure right away?

Summus is not an emergency medicine hotline. If you are facing an urgent medical issue, please visit the nearest emergency room. If you are currently in the hospital and immediate medical attention is required, our Remote Expert Consultation service is not available. Once your condition has stabilized and you are no longer in the hospital, Summus can connect you with a top medical expert to discuss your future treatment options.

15. Does speaking to a physician through Summus establish a patient-doctor relationship?

It does not. We support timely access to world-class specialists who can provide information and insights on recent diagnoses, ongoing health management, surgery considerations and identifying the best courses of treatment. No doctor-patient relationship is established through a telephonic or video consultation with a Summus-affiliated physician.

16. What languages does Summus support?

Summus currently supports expert consultations and medical records in English only.

17. How will Summus maintain my privacy?

Unless required by law, your specific name and medical information will NOT be shared with anyone without your written consent. You can find the Summus Privacy Policy at

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