Bringing back “le bon docteur” Julian Flannery April 21, 2017

Bringing back “le bon docteur”

Doctor and patient consulting on a table about women health. Medical concept. Selective focus at patient's hands.

Quality interactions with a doctor: one of the most important aspects of one’s health is, unfortunately, one of the most elusive. In “The Endangered ‘Good Doctor,'” a Wall Street Journal article honoring Dr. Burton J. Lee III, a former patient remembers how Dr. Lee had the important quality of understanding the value of a personal relationship between doctor and patient.

Regrettably, this pivotal human connection “is eroding in a world of ever-briefer consultations, clinical algorithms and electronic health records that keep physicians glued to a computer rather than focused on the patient.”

At Summus, we are acutely focused on bringing back direct, quality human interactions with leading physicians.

Read the full story from the WSJ here.

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