Fertility options after an ectopic pregnancy Jessica Spiegel June 8, 2017

Fertility options after an ectopic pregnancy

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Summus provides access, within days, to leading physicians who provide expert guidance so you can make informed medical decisions quickly. This case study provides a roadmap for leveraging specialist expertise when a couple is struggling with fertility. Learn how Edward, a Summus member, and his wife, Amanda, researched fertility options within days, rather than wait three months for an initial appointment.


Which fertility options have been most successful following an ectopic pregnancy?


Amanda and Edward were attempting to start a family. Amanda suffered from an ectopic pregnancy during her first trimester and needed to undergo surgery to remove her damaged fallopian tube. Aware that Amanda’s surgery could be an impediment to normal pregnancies in the future, she and her husband considered in-vitro fertilization. They searched the Internet to find statistics and success rates of fertility clinics in the Boston area. Upon calling to make an appointment at a local fertility clinic recommended by a friend, there was a three-month waitlist.

Edward and Amanda’s Summus Experience

Day 1 — Summus MD

12:30pm ET

One hour after contacting Summus, their dedicated Summus MD led a comprehensive intake call to gain a deep understanding of their case. Later that day, their Summus MD helped collect Amanda’s pertinent medical records.

4:30pm ET

After synthesizing Amanda’s medical history, their Summus MD suggested consulting with a reproductive endocrinologist in academic medicine for insight into potential treatment options. She provided a thoughtfully curated list of physicians based on the precise nature of Amanda’s case.

Day 2 — Specialist Match

10:00am ET

Amanda and Edward reviewed their physician matches with their Summus MD and chose to speak with the Director of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at a world-renowned fertility center in North Carolina. A leading academic, he is the author of hundreds of research studies and medical publications, including the seminal textbook on reproductive medicine and surgery.

Summus coordinated the scheduling and arranged a consultation for the next day.

Day 3 — Expert Consultation

9:00am ET

Amanda and Edward engaged in a comprehensive, 45-minute videoconference from their home in Boston.


After their consultation, Edward and Amanda came away with a clear understanding of  their most viable option — IVF.  Their consulting specialist walked through the process, including how IVF works and the timeline. Eager to get the IVF process underway, they also received a recommendation for a nearby clinic with high success rates.

“Amanda and I were relieved to speak with a doctor of such renown so quickly. He was compassionate and patient, and walked us through all the data on IVF and tied it Amanda’s medical history. He helped us chart out a timeline and understand the intensity of the process. While we are hopeful, we have realistic expectations as we embark upon this journey.”

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