Happy Father’s Day Summus June 17, 2022

Happy Father’s Day

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“It is a wise father that knows his own child.” – William Shakespeare

At Summus, we see families every day who are seeking guidance and support for health issues across the continuum of care. Many of the conversations we have are with fathers, advocating for the health of their child. These fathers ask important questions, educate themselves on the issues at hand, and leverage our expertise across medicine to position their children in the best possible path for future success. We are thankful for institutions, such as Boston Children’s Hospital, that facilitate the mission of these fathers through expanding virtual access to their physicians through innovative platforms.

Fathers are also at the core of our business, from our deeply dedicated CEO to members of our sales team racing to catch planes home to see baseball games to our engineering team member currently on baby-watch to our board member and father of one very special little boy who has made Summus a reality. Let’s take the time to celebrate and thank all the fathers, fathers-to-be, and father figures in our lives. Happy Father’s Day.

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Post by Mary Mulcare, MD, Summus Chief Medical Officer

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