[Member Story] From Biopsy to Informed Decision-Making Summus March 28, 2024

[Member Story] From Biopsy to Informed Decision-Making

Aiden’s physician noticed a lump and recommended a biopsy, revealing a possible cancer—overwhelmed by the news, Aiden reached out to Summus. 

Facing the possibility of cancer following a biopsy is a moment laden with uncertainty and apprehension. As individuals await the results, a myriad of emotions ensue—hope, fear, and a profound desire for clarity. In this blog, we share how access to high quality medical expertise can alter the trajectory of a cancer journey.

Health Concern

Aiden’s physician noticed a lump on his neck and recommended he get a biopsy, which revealed a possible cancer. His treating physician advised that he undergo surgery. Overwhelmed by the news and unsure that surgery was the best option, Aiden wanted more information to make the best decision about how to proceed, which is when he reached out to Summus. 

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Within days, Summus connected Aiden with Dr. Gary Clayman, President and Chief Surgeon at Clayman Thyroid Center. After reviewing Aiden’s biopsy reports, testing, and bloodwork, Dr. Clayman recommended additional testing and discussed the risks of the surgery his physician recommended. Aiden canceled his surgery and scheduled a different surgery with a different surgeon, avoiding potentially poor outcomes. 

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