National Intern Day: Making a Real Difference Summus July 27, 2023

National Intern Day: Making a Real Difference

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“Be so good they can’t ignore you.”

— Steve Martin

It’s National Intern Day, a day dedicated to recognizing the contributions of our future leaders. At Summus, our interns bring their curiosity, passion and energy to help us further our mission to restore human connection in healthcare. Today, we share the experiences of some of Summus’ gifted interns: Daniel Misrahi, Sawyer Niehaus, Vrinda Madan, and Connor Bryant.  

Daniel Misrahi, Business Analyst Intern

Daniel is a rising junior at Emory University. He is double majoring in economics and computer science. Daniel, originally from London, is spending the summer in NYC and  was “instantly drawn to Summus because it is a genuinely helpful organization in the healthcare space.”

With a strong interest in technology and a passion for problem solving, Daniel shares that his internship as a Business Analyst allows him to “think through product opportunities to fix and design new features for the product, then writing and communicating it for engineers to understand.” Daniel’s work has contributed to implementing a place for members to indicate their pronouns, enhancements to our personalized provider referral workflow, and several different features associated with the Summus iOS app update.

Daniel says “communicating concisely, organizing projects while being sure to incorporate past learnings, and using creativity,” are the skills he’s honed during his internship that will undoubtedly be useful in his future career. 

He says the best part of working at Summus is, “Easily the people. Everyone is extremely welcoming and nice. Everyone is hard working and deeply passionate about the work we do—and it shows,” says Daniel.

From day one, we actively engage our interns in the meaningful work that we are doing. They contribute on key initiatives and collaborate with experienced professionals and the leadership team. We value their efforts and fresh perspectives, and in return we work to ensure they gain the experience needed to excel in their future careers. 

—Sue Swan, VP of People
Sawyer Niehaus, Operations Intern

Sawyer will be a junior at Stanford University where she is majoring in Latin and double minoring in math and computer science with intentions of working for, or even starting, her own STEM organization. “Puzzles are my thing,” she says and Latin, math, and coding are formulaic languages, or puzzles, waiting to be solved. 

Working on the Operations team in the NYC office, Sawyer is developing an enhanced playbook that details Summus’ operational processes for working with large health systems.

“I always thought I’d go into medicine, but in high school discovered I can’t do blood, so interning at Summus has shown me I can still work in the medical field without being a doctor,” says Sawyer. With a love for startup culture and organizations that are striving for something greater, the possibilities for Sawyer’s career upon graduation are endless.

“Summus is a fantastic company that helps people for the sake of helping people and is making actual differences in the lives of so many people,” she says. 

Vrinda Madan, Clinical Operations Intern

Vrinda is a third-year medical student at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and is lending her medical terminology expertise to support our innovative work in physician matching for members. We’re excited to have her onboard.

We take pride in recognizing and nurturing talent from within. We are delighted to see our interns transition to full-time employees who contribute to our success as a company. 

—Sue Swan, VP of People
Connor Bryant, Junior Software Engineer

Connor interned with Summus in summer 2022 and again during his winter break in 2023 as he worked to complete his degree in computer science from Western New England University. After interviewing with several Summus team members, he knew Summus was a great place to work, stating “Everyone I met was so friendly and welcoming.”

That genuine care and support continues to this very day where Connor is a full-time Summus employee on the Engineering team. As a Junior Software Engineer, Connor has moved from doing bug fixes to taking on greater responsibility and projects that involve coding and improving the experience for customers and members. 

He reflects on his time as an intern, sharing “I was able to build up my confidence as a software engineer. Going from the classroom to the professional environment felt like a big jump, but the team was incredibly supportive and I never felt intimidated to reach out and ask questions.” 

But the “best feeling in life” was when Sanders DeNardi, VP of Engineering, offered him a permanent position before he graduated from college. And the added bonus of having a job upon graduation, “I’m at home at Summus, doing work that is helpful to our company and supports our mission,” says Connor. Connor’s drive and growth during his internship make him a valuable asset to Summus. 

Interested in interning at Summus?

At Summus, we are committed to shaping the leaders of tomorrow who will continue to transform access to healthcare for all people. We celebrate National Intern Day and believe deeply that each intern should have the opportunity for hands-on-learning and exposure to real-world challenges. Interested in an internship with Summus? Reach out to Sue Swan, VP of People, at

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