[Press Release] Summus Collaborates With Springbuk Summus January 16, 2024

[Press Release] Summus Collaborates With Springbuk

Summus collaborates with Springbuk

Summus, the leading virtual health company focused in specialty care, teams up with Sprinkbuk’s New Health Intelligence Marketplace for employers and benefits consultants

NEW YORK, Jan. 16, 2024 Summus, the leading virtual health company focused in specialty care, announces a new relationship with Springbuk Activate, the innovative partner marketplace that connects employers with personalized health solutions. This strategic collaboration provides employee benefits leaders and consultants access to Summus’ platform for high quality medical expertise across any health condition.

As part of this collaboration, Summus and Springbuk worked closely to develop a customized card within the Springbuk Health Intelligence™ application. This unique feature identifies the number of members in an employer’s population who may benefit from Summus. The card also provides a 12-month savings opportunity estimate, meticulously crafted, based on Summus’ performance metrics and ROI methodology.

Summus accelerates access to best-in-class clinical guidance, advocacy, and navigation, helping patients, families and caregivers get the answers they need from high quality specialists to make informed decisions about care.

“We are excited to collaborate with Springbuk in the shared mission to transform healthcare delivery,” said Nick Razzi, Summus Chief Sales Officer. “We’re providing employers and benefits consultants with a powerful tool that identifies potential program participants and benefits, but also quantifies the potential financial impact of the program over the next year. We know this new relationship will empower employers to use Summus, helping employees and their families make more informed decisions about their healthcare.”

The Springbuk Activate marketplace matches employers with possible partners based on their population’s health needs, showing them potential opportunities through data-driven insights, cost savings, and engagement.

“Our partnership with Summus ensures that our employees have access to trusted, high-quality healthcare expertise,” said Joy Powell, CEO of Springbuk. “This collaboration supports our employees in making informed decisions and achieving better outcomes across the healthcare continuum.”

This integration represents a pivotal step toward optimizing healthcare management for employers and fostering a healthier workforce. By combining the expertise of Summus and the capabilities of Springbuk Activate, businesses can now make informed decisions to enhance the wellbeing of their employees.

For more information about Springbuk Activate, visit http://www.springbuk.com/activate.

About Summus

Summus is the leading virtual health company, founded with a mission to restore human connection in healthcare. Our proprietary marketplace model empowers patients, families, caregivers and physicians to share and access high quality specialty expertise — across all health questions, at any point in the journey. With a curated network of more than 5,100 renowned specialists from top academic medical centers, and more than 2.1 million members around the world, Summus serves as the clinical front door to access trusted, high quality, healthcare expertise, and to support people in the moments that matter most.

Summus. Better access. Better decisions. Better outcomes. Across the continuum of care. Learn more: http://www.summusglobal.com

About Springbuk

Springbuk is a leading-edge health analytics intelligence platform that empowers employers and consultants to sharpen their benefits strategy, advance employee health, and contain costs. The innovative solution offers deep analytic insights, allows data-informed decision-making, and provides curated action steps and strategic direction to maximize return on employee benefit investments. Learn more at springbuk.com.

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