Press Release: Summus Global launches Summus Wellbeing Summus February 28, 2022

Press Release: Summus Global launches Summus Wellbeing

Leading virtual specialty care solution delivers evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine expertise to help employees and families prevent and treat chronic diseases

NEW YORK, Feb. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Summus Global, the leading virtual specialist platform, today launched Summus Wellbeing, a new program grounded in Lifestyle Medicine that enables employers to help employees and family members maintain healthier lives through a personalized virtual journey with high quality health experts. Summus’ virtual specialty care solution quickly connects members with their network of leading physicians and experts in Lifestyle Medicine.

Lifestyle Medicine is an evidence-based approach to preventing and treating chronic diseases by replacing negative behaviors with positive ones. Delivered by certified clinicians, it addresses underlying causes — not just symptoms — by focusing on the holistic view of an individual’s overall state of health. The American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) has identified six pillars of Lifestyle Medicine to educate and help patients improve the quality of their lives, including nutrition, sleep, exercise, stress management, risky behavior reduction and social connectedness.

Summus Wellbeing through Lifestyle Medicine also helps address the impact and cost of chronic diseases on health care systems, health plans, employers, employees and their families. Chronic health conditions such as heart disease, hypertension, cancer, respiratory diseases, and type 2 diabetes are the leading cause of mortality around the world.

“As a physician, I have seen firsthand the impact of lifestyle medicine on patients across the continuum of conditions, from acute to chronic,” said Mary Mulcare, MD, Chief Medical Officer for Summus Global. “By making a series of small, sustainable and impactful behavioral changes in daily lives, members can dramatically improve their physical and emotional health with the right support at the right time.”

“Our vision is to be the global hub of leading specialty medical expertise for all. Summus serves as the clinical front door for our members to ask any question, about any medical condition no matter how simple or severe,” said Julian Flannery, CEO and Co-founder, Summus Global. “Summus Wellbeing through Lifestyle Medicine will empower employees and their families to connect to the Summus network of experts in Lifestyle Medicine to address not just chronic diseases, but across every condition or state of health.”

Summus Global provides a comprehensive solution including a multichannel engagement strategy for employers to support their employees with a physician-led webinar series, monthly wellbeing recommendations, dietician consultations, coaching, and a personalized curriculum to sustain wellbeing. The Summus Wellbeing through Lifestyle Medicine solution provides a framework for members to use in their everyday lives in pursuit of their best health.

Via monthly communications, this material will educate members via small, easily digestible formats that emphasize the most important aspects of lifestyle health. These messages may include a specific approach a member can incorporate into one’s life or a “challenge” toward creating a healthy habit.

The Summus Wellbeing Educational Program is available now, at no charge, to Summus Global members, their families and caregivers. For more information about the Summus Wellbeing through Lifestyle Medicine solution please visit and register at

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