Press Release | Summus Introduces Summus Oncology: A New Personalized Virtual Support Model for Cancer Summus September 9, 2022

Press Release | Summus Introduces Summus Oncology: A New Personalized Virtual Support Model for Cancer

New Specialty Virtual Care Approach Provides Education, Tools, and Compassionate Expert Care Across All Stages of Cancer Journey

NEW YORK, Sept. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Summus, the leading virtual specialist platform, today announced Summus Oncology, a new approach that provides personalized specialty virtual care support to help employees and their families across all stages of their cancer journey.

Summus Oncology supports people or family members with a cancer diagnosis through virtual access to nationally renowned oncology specialists and other care providers. A multidisciplinary team helps each family build and follow a comprehensive roadmap for dealing with every stage of their care, and is designed to educate those diagnosed with cancer about their condition and what to expect in each phase of their treatment.

“People and families faced with a cancer diagnosis often feel helpless and overwhelmed. It is the beginning of an unexpected, stressful, and complex health journey,” said Dr. Mary Mulcare, Chief Medical Officer at Summus. “Summus Oncology offers the education, tools, and most importantly, expert physician guidance for navigating the rapidly advancing innovations in oncology treatments. It provides a compassionate, personalized roadmap to a cancer journey while assuaging some of the associated anxiety and stress.”

Members work with physicians and other clinical experts for guidance on best practices and breakthrough diagnostics and treatment options, from clinical trials and nutrition to mental health and long-term lifestyle management, and when needed, vetted provider referrals to in-network and/or local specialists. Summus Oncology also provides organizational family support, including options for managing appointments, text-based reminders, and having family members participate in virtual consultations. This approach additionally reduces the patient administrative burden by digitizing medical records to share with virtual and in-person physicians and other clinical experts.

Summus Oncology helps employers who are dealing with unexpected leaves, productivity gaps, and escalating healthcare costs. Employers benefit from improved, directed, efficient medical decision-making for highest quality care and improved health outcomes among their employees. This leads to reduced employee absenteeism, increased productivity, and improved employee recruitment and retention by offering them a highly valued healthcare benefit. They can now help their employees and their families get personalized cancer support at a time when they are most vulnerable.

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