Should Your Child Get the Meningitis B Vaccine? Jessica Spiegel May 25, 2017

Should Your Child Get the Meningitis B Vaccine?

Summus provides access, within days, to leading physicians on questions across the spectrum of care. This case study provides a roadmap for leveraging specialist expertise by walking through how David, a Summus member, and his daughter leveraged the Summus network to help them better understand the risks and benefits of the Meningitis B vaccine.

Question: Is it safe for my daughter to get the Meningitis B vaccine?

“My daughter is entering college this fall and the school is recommending the Meningitis B vaccine. I have done preliminary research since there are conflicting reports on the risks for young adults. What are the risks of getting the vaccine for my daughter?”

— David, New York, NY


Kimberly was set to go off to college in the fall and was told she needed the Meningitis B vaccination. Kimberly and her father, David, discussed and did preliminary research, all of which was inconclusive and confusing. David understood the importance of an analytical approach and wanted to gain a comprehensive understanding of the data.

David and Kimberly’s Summus Experience

Day 1 — Summus MD / Specialist Match

9:30am ET

Two hours after contacting Summus, their dedicated Summus MD led an efficient and comprehensive intake call to gain a deeper understanding of Kimberly’s medical history and to help frame David’s set of questions.

3:30pm ET

Their Summus MD suggested they consult with a leading infectious disease specialist who knew the data cold and could articulate the risks analytically. David agreed with the recommendation and set a time to speak.

Day 2 – Expert Consultation #1

10:00am ET

David engaged in a comprehensive, 45-minute discussion on the data behind the Meningitis B vaccine. He was satisfied with this perspective but also wanted a different perspective from a pediatric specialist.

6:00pm ET

His Summus MD suggested an additional consultation with a Chair of Pediatrics at a hospital in the Northeast.

Day 3 — Expert Consultation #2

9:00am ET

David engaged in a 30-minute consultation on the data as seen through the eyes of a leading pediatrician.  


After both consultations, he came away fully aware of the risks and data associated with the vaccine. He was comfortable that his daughter should proceed with the vaccination.

“My Summus MD suggested I consult with two experienced physicians – the Chief of Pediatric Infectious Diseases and Chair of Pediatrics at two major academic hospitals. Both phone consultations helped me understand the existing research and the risks and benefits of the vaccine for young adults. They patiently gave me the time I needed, and used data and drew on years of experience to answer all of my questions. After both calls, I supported my daughter in getting vaccinated.”


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