Pancreatic Cancer Treatment: Case Study Summus March 2, 2017

Pancreatic Cancer Treatment: Case Study

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As a professional investor in New York City’s fast-paced finance industry, Catherine has made a career out of thriving under pressure. But an unexpected diagnosis of early-stage pancreatic cancer presented her with a problem she was unprepared to solve. While Catherine knew it was critical to act quickly, she didn’t know where to turn.

“In my line of work, I am accustomed to making multiple decisions a day. Now, suddenly, I had a devastating illness and no idea where to begin. I knew nothing about my prognosis but needed to make decisions about my treatment plan. Unfortunately, I had very little face time with my doctors, leaving me with the internet to dwell on ten-year-old information.”

A colleague recommended Catherine reach out to Summus for an Expert Consultation.

“I sent all my information to Summus, and they took care of everything.”

Catherine’s Summus staff physician and concierge team reviewed her records and prepared a comprehensive list of questions for her consultation. Within three days of contacting Summus, Catherine had an hour-long video call with Dr. James Abbruzzese, the Chief of the Duke Division of Medical Oncology and a world-renowned expert in the clinical study and treatment of pancreatic cancer.

“Getting an appointment with Dr. Abbruzzese by myself would have required many phone calls and a plane ride back and forth. Summus was able to connect me within days. Our hour-long conversation was frank and illuminating, and covered the spectrum of conventional and unorthodox therapies.”

Catherine is now undergoing treatment and is upbeat about her progress.

“I can’t thank Summus enough. I was able to understand my situation and choose the treatment path that was appropriate for me. Most importantly, I gained the peace of mind that my decisions were, in fact, smart ones.”

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