UpTech Report Podcast: Virtual Specialty Care and The Human Touch Summus October 28, 2021

UpTech Report Podcast: Virtual Specialty Care and The Human Touch

Julian Flannery, SUMMUS Founder & CEO, joined Alexander Ferguson of UpTech Report for a candid conversation about creating a company that uses technology to restore human connection in healthcare. Listen to the full podcast here.

Coming from a family of doctors, Julian Flannery understands the world of medicine. With differing perspectives and needs, primary care physicians and specialists form a complex ecosystem.

Ultimately deciding against becoming a physician himself, Julian entered into the medical space in a different way by helping to manage that ecosystem with his company, Summus, a technology startup that offers a virtual specialist platform, allowing doctors, patients, and employers to connect online to offer fast and effective consultations.

Julian previously served on the management team and was Managing Director, Global Research at Gerson Lehrman Group, the world’s largest membership-based platform for professional expertise. He oversaw GLG’s service operation, products, and content, and directed management of its 400,000+ expert membership base. He formerly worked at Morgan Stanley as Associate and Chief of Staff to the Chairman & CEO and in Special Situations and Investment Banking.

In 2001, he served in The White House as an aid to the Chief of Staff to the President. He received his M.B.A. from Harvard Business School and B.A. in Economics from Duke University.

Summus Global, the leading virtual specialist platform, empowers families by providing access to a network of 4,000+ top specialists across 48 leading hospitals — within days, from anywhere in the world. The Summus model sets a new standard for speed of access to high-quality medical expertise and drives industry-leading engagement with employers. Pioneering the future of corporate health benefits, Summus Global partners with companies across the country to create an elevated healthcare experience for their employees and to support better, cost-efficient outcomes across all health questions and stages of care.

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