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World-Class Doctors Across all Specialties

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When you receive a new diagnosis or are managing an existing condition, research shows that receiving guidance from more experienced doctors drives better outcomes. Here are two data points:

  • 31% of of treatment plans are improved by speaking with experts¹
  • 66% of diagnoses can be better refined by through an expert consultation²

Getting to the right specialist is easier said than done. Because academic medicine has become so specialized, it is important to find a physician who has the precise expertise you require. In a simplified example, if you have a neurological condition it does not mean that any neurologist will do. Drilling down to understand your medical history, and matching your specific diagnosis to the right sub-specialty, is critical. Once a diagnosis is confirmed, it is important to consider several factors before you consult with a physician, including:

  • Quality of training and years in practice
  • Experience treating or performing surgery on your specific condition
  • Clinical research related to your condition
  • Treating a high volume of cases associated with your specific condition (like most things, the more you practice, the better you become)

At Summus, we carefully built our network to identify leading physicians across the US healthcare system. Physicians in our network offer a breadth of insights across all specialties of medicine and have deep knowledge in their respective disciplines. We are a gateway to more than 4,000 leading doctors with rich academic and clinical experience from 35 top-ranked hospitals and medical institutions in the United States. 18 of the top 20 ranked hospitals in the US are represented in the Summus network.

Centers of Excellence Across All Specialties

Hospitals and medical institutions in the US have particular areas of focus and leadership, with pockets of excellence that differ by institution. The best orthopedic hand surgeon for a particular upper extremity issue may be practicing at a hospital in the Northeast, while the ideal breast cancer surgeon for treating DCIS may be at another hospital on the West Coast or in the mid-Atlantic. At Summus, we operate as an advanced healthcare system by bringing together leading doctors from centers of excellence across the nation. Our experts cover all specialities in medicine, including:

  • Oncology
  • Urology
  • Orthopedics
  • Pregnancy & Fertility
  • Pediatrics & Adolescent Care
  • Dermatology
  • Neurology

All Diagnoses, All Life Stages

Understanding treatment options for a specific diagnosis is the leading reason to access a specialist. Being able to leverage medical experts across all health and life stages — from preventive to restorative care — results in a highly effective health strategy for families.

At Summus, we help our members access the best medical expertise for every diagnosis and health question: from understanding optimal regimens for improving your skin, to in-depth discussions on treatment options for pancreatic cancer.


How We Qualify Expertise

Summus uses a rigorous analytical approach coupled with peer review of doctors to build our network. Our in-house Summus MD team, in partnership with our Medical Advisory Board, proactively recruits leaders in medicine, and we are fortunate to have attracted top physicians with a wide range of expertise. Dr. Robert Hotchkiss and Dr. Helena Chang are two members of our Medical Advisory Board who support our mission to build and curate the Summus network.

Robert Hotchkiss, MD
Hand & Upper Extremity Surgery
Medical Director of Clinical Research
Hospital for Special Surgery

Helena Chang, MD, PhD
Breast Cancer
Director, Revlon/UCLA Breast Center
UCLA Health

At Summus, we celebrate the work of leaders in medicine, and work with those who are at the top of their field. Here are some recent pieces from members of our Medical Advisory Board on the work they do:

At Summus, we create a different healthcare experience by connecting our members to the best specialists, within days, from anywhere in the world.

Sources: 1) American Journal of Medicine. 2) Mayo Clinic.

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