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It starts with the question: “How can we help you today?”

We turn to specialists for one thing – expertise. Or more simply, answers… to what is happening, how to address it, what to do next.

Today’s healthcare system makes getting answers too difficult. It’s a challenge to know which specialist to see and even harder to access them. Summus is transforming how we experience healthcare.

Access at the moments that matter

+ Specialists
+ academic medical centers
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Quality and accessibility of specialty care radically impacts health outcomes

Regardless of location, quality varies, and it can take months to access specialists. The result? People get sicker, and are frustrated by a system that is failing them.

It doesn’t need to be this way. Summus’ solutions are making access to top specialists available to everyone. Everywhere.


We connect the world's best specialists with people who need their expertise

Summus for Employees and Members

The first choice for employees, their families and caregivers to get fast access to the highest quality specialty care virtually and in person, Summus makes it easier to navigate and make informed decisions across the continuum of specialty care - from allergies to cancer.

Summus Peer-to-Peer

From streamlined questions to managing complex care journeys, our peer-to-peer platform gives every physician, everywhere, access to high quality specialists who can help them deliver better care pathways and strengthen their relationships with patients.​

Summus for Health Systems

Summus’ white label solution allows health systems to scale their specialists’ expertise through a seamlessly integrated virtual specialty care platform that supports direct to patient and peer to peer solutions, driving better outcomes and clear ROI.

Real employees. Real results.
Better understand health concerns
Changed their treatment path
Modified diagnosis
Avoided surgeries

Expert advice leading to a fibromyalgia diagnosis


Renee struggled with severe joint pain and fatigue and was diagnosed with unspecified mixed connective tissue disease, but her pain was becoming increasingly worse. Her treating rheumatologist was unable to determine the cause.

Through Summus, Renee met with Dr. Mark Matza, Co-Clinical Director of Rheumatology at Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Matza discussed possible causes for her pain.


Renee took the information from Dr. Matza back to her treating rheumatologist, who ordered additional tests. Just over a week from the additional testing, Renee was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

“While no one wants any kind of chronic diagnosis, knowing what it is makes it seem like I am finally able to make some progress. Thank you to the care team, and everyone [at Summus] who makes this amazing service possible.”

Confidence making cancer treatment choices


Jenn, a 51-year-old wife and mother, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Confused by conflicting test results, she reached out to Summus for support and guidance to make informed decisions about her care and help her navigate the process.


Summus connected Jenn with Dr. Mark Pegram, the Director of Breast Cancer and Medical Oncology, from Stanford University who met with her virtually several times throughout her treatment to review and explain test results and suggested treatment options to discuss with her treating oncologist.

Summus was like finding a life raft in the ocean, one I clung to throughout my diagnosis and subsequent treatment.

Managing GERD for a better quality of life


George has spent many years suffering from GERD and struggling to manage it. After seeing several gastrointestinal specialists with little to no improvement in his daily symptoms, he reached out to Summus. Summus connected George to Dr. David Leiman, Director of the Esophageal Research and Quality Program at Duke.


After meeting with Dr. Leiman, George got answers to his questions and received guidance to help him manage his GERD.

“I have been doing remarkably well considering how things were the last 10 years. I continue to be off medicines and only use them when something is bothering me.”

An optimal surgery option for thyroid nodules


After having a thyroid nodule biopsied, Carlos reached out to Summus to get more information before pursuing the surgery his treating physician recommended. Summus connected Carlos to a nationally recognized thyroid surgeon. His doctor discussed other surgical options and recommended a more thorough approach given Carlos’s imaging and biopsy results. He advised Carlos to contact a local thyroid surgeon at an academic medical center.


With the new surgical plan, Carlos was able to address the initial nodule as well as other nodules on his thyroid, preventing future surgeries and complications.

“Summus has been incredible, and we are so grateful. I think the initial approach would have led to a suboptimal outcome and that is scary to think about, especially for people who don’t have access to Summus.”

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