Accepted As You Are: Specialty Care That’s Inclusive Summus April 13, 2023

Accepted As You Are: Specialty Care That’s Inclusive

Healthcare is complex, confusing, and difficult to access for everyone. For BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ people, additional challenges to access are often an issue. At Summus, we are committed to ensuring that every person—no matter their age, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or other sociodemographic factor—has access to high quality healthcare. That’s why we provide:

  • Accelerated and convenient access to leading medical expertise. In today’s healthcare system, it can take nearly a month1 to get an appointment with a specialist, but with Summus, members can access a leading specialist within hours and days. With fast and convenient access, Summus alleviates differential access that can result from time boundaries imposed by limited operating hours, especially for those who have limited paid time off options.
  • Deep and diverse provider network. With a curated network of 5,100+ leading specialists across 120+ specialties and subspecialties, Summus members can select a specialist who provides care for patients of the same race, gender, ethnicity, or holds the same cultural traditions. For example, a member may select a specialist who shares the same gender identity. This type of concordant care supports rapport and trust, and can improve health outcomes.
  • Safe spaces. Using virtual technology, meetings with specialists afford members the opportunity to have private conversations about their health concerns in a safe, unhurried environment, whether from their home or another safe location of their choosing. Appointments with Summus specialists are unlimited, so that members get answers to all their questions and fully understand their options and their path forward. What’s more, members can choose to include family members or caregivers to participate in their appointments, supporting improved care continuity and coordination.

Physicians in our specialist network ensure an inclusive and respectful virtual environment for all members, including:

  • Demonstrated empathy. We know that empathy impacts health outcomes2, and our specialists ensure that each member feels seen and heard. In every meeting, specialists are focused solely on the member and discussing options in an open and compassionate way.

Dr. Tenan explained my condition in a way that helped me look at it from a different angle. All interactions were kind and professional.

  • Culturally appropriate guidance. Specialist physicians are sensitive to people’s cultural and gender identities as well as their religious beliefs and recognize that one’s identity, beliefs, and values affect their experiences. The Summus specialists provide guidance that aligns with their lifestyle, culture, language, and religion.

    Summus member, Jyoti, has PCOS and was frustrated with information she received from a nutritionist that she felt provided options that were not culturally appropriate.

I love that I felt like I was being heard instead of talked to.”

  • Cultural humility. Summus specialist physicians work with each member by asking open-ended questions, like “What are your pronouns?” or “Can you explain any religious beliefs or traditions that I should be aware of as we talk about possible procedures?” Specialists may also ask about a member’s preferences should they require in-person care. When curating a list of physicians for in-person care, careful consideration is given to member preferences, including physician gender, languages spoken, and office location among other factors.

“My session was excellent. The doctor was so kind and wise. It was clear that she took the time to study my medical history and was more than prepared to address my concerns. She listened well, was compassionate and provided good suggestions for me and my spouse to consider as it relates to our treatment plan.

Summus is the trusted partner for any health journey.
Every person deserves access to high quality healthcare that allows them to live a healthier, more fulfilling life as authentically as possible. With our award-winning clinical concierge team and curated network of 5,100+ leading specialists, Summus is the trusted partner in the moments that matter most.

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Summus is the clinical front door to trusted, high quality specialist expertise. We support employees and families across any health question and at any point in their journey. To learn how Summus creates equity through access for all people, visit:

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