Beyond the Diagnosis: Fostering a Cancer-Supportive Workplace Summus March 15, 2024

Beyond the Diagnosis: Fostering a Cancer-Supportive Workplace

Mary Mulcare BenefitsPro article, Cancer-supportive workplace

Mary Mulcare, MD, FACEP, Summus Chief Medical Officer

Cancer is inherently complex regardless of where someone falls on the oncological spectrum of disease. It pops up when someone is least expecting it, presents with more questions than answers, and its response to treatment in that person won’t be understood until many months to years down the road. Unfortunately, there are concerning trends in cancer cases over the past few years. It’s projected that we’ll see a 75% increase in global cancer cases by 2050, in addition to an alarming increase in early onset cancer. The surge in cancer diagnoses among the working-age population translates to greater costs for employers.

While cancer may be unpredictable, employers aim to provide a dependable cancer-supportive workplace. Many have adopted benefits to support employees, including a Centers of Excellence (COEs) approach and technology that complements in-person care, delivering on modern conveniences like virtual appointments. Now is the time for employers to act to ensure employees get the support they need.

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