Celebrating Women’s History Month Julian Flannery March 8, 2023

Celebrating Women’s History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month, I’d like to say thank you to the incredible women driving our mission at Summus forward. 

At Summus, we are fortunate to have talented women who are committed to excellence in everything they do. Nearly 65% of our employees are women and they hold positions in every single function across the company. Their expertise and commitment to delivering Summus’ mission to restore human connection in healthcare and transforming access to specialty care are humbling and inspiring. Their collective efforts have supported patients and families in meaningful moments in healthcare, from navigating a new complex diagnosis to helping new parents understand their child’s health and development. 

I’m proud to work with Summus’ team and am taking this opportunity to highlight a few of our executive women leaders who inspire their colleagues across the board at our company. Through their work, we are able to ensure a seamless healthcare experience for all people, teach and empower our members, and deliver new products and technology for our clients.

Delivering a world-class experience 

The healthcare system is complex and confusing. Knowing where to go and what to do are challenges faced by just about everyone.  Jess Spiegel, our brilliant Senior Vice President of Member Experience, makes it seem simple. Her commitment to the delivery of world-class service for every member is borne out in her team of exceptional clinical and member experience professionals. She makes sure that our members are at the center of every interaction and that they feel seen, heard and understood. We hear from our members every day about their experience with Jess’ team who are the first points of contact for our members.

“Summus was like finding a life raft in the ocean, one I clung to throughout my diagnosis and subsequent treatment.” 

“Wow! You have been absolutely amazing! I’m going to continue to go through Summus for anything else I need.”

“Before I talked to Summus, I was floundering. I didn’t know what to do next. Now I feel like there is hope because I have somebody advocating for me and helping me find a doctor who specializes in my problem, so I will get the answers I really need.”

This type of extraordinary service isn’t limited to our members. Sue Swan, Summus’ Vice President of People, is uncompromising when it comes to ensuring that our team has what they need, from recruiting top talent, training and onboarding, to cutting edge benefits. Sue has been integral to driving our corporate culture into one that is authentic, accountable, and committed to excellence. But more than that, our culture is kind, compassionate, and brimming with intellect, with people who can’t wait to work here. And we have Sue to thank.

Leading with vision, compassion and kindness

Of course, Summus wouldn’t be Summus without our co-founder Dr. Jennifer Kherani. As a physician and mother, Jen knew that Summus had to deliver a different kind of healthcare experience to support families across all health questions. This vision has served us well and launched a new category in healthcare—virtual specialty care—that is transforming access for all. But more than that, Jen is a leader whose actions stem from a deep place of compassion and kindness.

Listening and empowering

Dr. Mary Mulcare, Summus’ Chief Medical Officer, brings her expertise as an accomplished ER physician and clinical instructor. She also brings her seemingly boundless energy and intellectual curiosity to lead Summus’ clinical strategy, work with our exceptional network of Summus MDs and specialists, and develop industry-leading measurement that is firmly grounded in medical evidence. Mary often says that the Summus model is why many physicians went into medicine in the first place, and it is the kind of education that she and her fellow physicians routinely provide to friends and family. Mary is also known for her support of our internal team with our own personal health questions, including those concerning our family and loved ones. Her sage guidance gives us direction and peace of mind when we need it most. 

These talented and dedicated women are some of the leaders who are building Summus’ virtual specialty care experience that helps so many people around the world, and are changing healthcare delivery at its very core.

Celebrating each of you this month and every month. 

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