Choosing the best specialist for your medical questions Jessica Spiegel June 29, 2017

Choosing the best specialist for your medical questions

Most people struggle to find the right specialists to address their medical questions. Many rely on referrals from friends, while others use internet searches to find a doctor within a 10-mile radius. Unfortunately, this can lead to frustration and limited choices.

Recent technical advances in secure communication and data structuring and analysis have created an opportunity for those with a medical condition or diagnosis to access the best possible experts. At Summus, our solution brings together the latest technology and physician-led guidance for specialist matching and unique access.

Summus MDs: The Power of Human Guidance

The engine at Summus is our team of in-house physicians, or Summus MDs, who have trained at the best medical institutions and are passionate about helping people during vulnerable moments.

Leveraging their deep clinical expertise, Summus MDs shepherd the specialist match process by finding the right combination of expertise, experience and research, and mapping it to the unique diagnosis of the member. Most importantly, they establish lasting, trusted relationships with our members through their intelligent and compassionate approach to each question a member poses.

Our Summus MD team is led by our outstanding Medical Director, Jennifer Kherani, MD, who co-founded Summus and is driven by her passion to smartly support people in times of need.

Dr. Jennifer Kherani, MD, Medical Director

Summus Technology: Secure, data-driven platform empowers members to look beyond their current location

At Summus, combining intelligent physician guidance with cutting edge technology powers a match process across 4,000+ physicians. Analyzing their credentials, experience and areas of expertise — and matching them to a diagnosis, medical history, and member preferences — allows our members to smartly connect with doctors across 35 top-ranked US hospitals:

  • Quickly assess qualifications: Review relevant factors, including: years in practice, training and teaching experience, research and clinical trial involvement, and procedure and treatment history for specific conditions.
  • Structured data: Instead of researching specialist expertise through personal networks and the conflicting accounts online, structured data on physician expertise and procedure and treatment volume, plus smart guidance from our Summus MD team, allows for matching within days.
  • Secure video and phone connections: Start a case, consult with a Summus MD, review physician matches, get prepared for your consultation, and securely consult with leading physicians — within days, from anywhere in the world.

At Summus, our solution brings together the latest technology, data, and human judgment to simplify the path to the best expertise in medicine. We help families make medical decisions with confidence.

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