Juneteenth Summus June 19, 2023


One hundred and fifty-eight years have passed since the end of slavery, commemorated by the Juneteenth holiday, and yet Black people still face unequal treatment in many aspects of American society. At Summus, we are keenly aware that Black people face higher rates of illness and death, and they have a shorter life expectancy than white Americans.

We take inspiration from the historical event that inspired the Juneteenth holiday and are resolute in doing our part to address these structural inequities in healthcare:

  • We are committed to equitable and inclusive access across the continuum of care. All people, no matter their race, religion, gender, education, income, geography, work schedule, or other circumstance or attribute, can access Summus for any health condition or concern—from acute conditions to more complex conditions like breast cancer and HIV—and at any point in their health journey.
  • We are committed to delivering culturally-appropriate medical guidance. Specialists in the Summus network are cognizant and respectful of our members’ identities, beliefs, and values—and they understand the impact of these factors on health. Summus also supports opportunities for concordant care, matching members with specialists who share the same ethnic, linguistic, or cultural traditions.
  • We seek to empower ALL our members with clear, actionable information. Using health literacy best practices, Summus ensures that medical guidance and information is shared so that members can understand, use, and act with greater knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions. We strive to serve as a trusted partner to all our members, empowering them to face each medical decision with an understanding of their own choices and options.
  • We will use our privilege to create lasting, positive change. We will continue to work so that Black people can have full, equal access to high-quality healthcare—and we will continue to include and amplify diverse voices in our work.

For Summus, Juneteenth serves as a reminder of the longstanding structural inequalities that continue to be present in healthcare and society. To honor the sacrifices of those who have worked so hard to make our world more equitable, it is incumbent on us to take an active role in building a better world.

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