[Member Story] Restored Hope and a Clear Path to Better Quality of Life Summus February 1, 2024

[Member Story] Restored Hope and a Clear Path to Better Quality of Life

Mental health navigation for anxiety disorder

Mental health is the foundation for overall wellbeing, influencing how we think, feel, and navigate the world around us. Those experiencing serious or complex medical conditions often experience mental health struggles. Managing symptoms and navigating treatment can amplify anxiety. In this blog, we share how Summus supported Ann’s health journey, paving the way for a better quality of life.

Health Concern

Ann had struggled with gastrointestinal issues, migraines, anxiety, menstrual pain, skin issues, and unexplained dizziness and nausea, which had taken a toll on her quality of life for nearly a decade. Despite many attempts, provider visits, and tests she couldn’t get answers or relief. Frustrated, helpless, and in pain, Ann reached out to Summus for answers.

Member Impact

Ann was quickly connected with Colleen Tenan, MD. Dr. Tenan listened intently to Ann’s concerns and symptoms and worked with her to develop a thoughtful path forward that addressed all of her health concerns. For her anxiety, Dr. Tenan recommended mental health navigation. Summus connected Ann with Dr. Melissa Castro, Summus Clinical Advisor, who curated a list of therapists specializing in generalized anxiety disorder to help her find the right care. 

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