[Member Story] Finding the Right Therapist for a Family’s Grief Summus February 1, 2024

[Member Story] Finding the Right Therapist for a Family’s Grief

Finding the Right Therapist for a Family's Grief

Losing a parent is an emotional journey. Navigating the profound grief that accompanies such a loss can be very challenging. The grieving process of losing a parent is unique to each person and finding the right grief therapist can be daunting. In this blog, we share how Summus guided a member to the most appropriate mental health resources.

Health Concern

Mike’s father, Joe, passed away unexpectedly. Overwhelmed with grief, Mike reached out to Summus in hopes of finding the right grief therapist for him and his mother. They wanted to address their grief in a healthy way. Long-term bereavement support was important for his mom, because she was very young when she lost her own parents.

Member Impact

Melissa was incredibly helpful explaining the process and listening to my needs and concerns as it pertained to finding a therapist to help me during a very emotional and challenging time. 

Summus quickly connected Mike with Melissa Furdyn, Summus Clinical Advisor and Social Worker at Weill Cornell/New York-Presbyterian Hospital. Mike explained that he wanted to find therapists for himself and his mother, for in-person visits. Melissa listened to the family’s needs and in just a few days provided two lists of providers. She made sure they were in-network and accounted for their individual preferences. 

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