[Press Release] New Product: Summus Peer-to-Peer Accelerates Physician Access to Specialist Expertise Summus July 13, 2023

[Press Release] New Product: Summus Peer-to-Peer Accelerates Physician Access to Specialist Expertise

Virtual specialty care platform enhanced to help physicians access high quality specialized expertise and support patient care 

NEW YORK, July 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Summus, the leading virtual specialty care company, today announced Summus Peer-to-Peer, a powerful new product that connects treating providers with specialists for eConsults and virtual curbside consults to support the primary source of care for patients and control costs.

Summus Peer-to-Peer leverages its extensive curated network of specialists and subspecialists to support decision making across the continuum of care. Using simple, elegant technology, PCPs and clinicians integrate virtual peer-to-peer communication into their practice, enhancing value-based care models and optimizing patient care. Communication between physicians reduces unnecessary and costly referrals and allows for more cohesive care for complicated patient cases. 

From streamlined questions to managing complex care journeys, Summus Peer-to-Peer is the only platform that utilizes an escalation workflow and customizable specialist networks to maximize efficiency and adapt to any clinical scenario—from simple questions to complex patient consultations. Every interaction supports dynamic conversations, providing answers to any health question and supporting better care pathways. 

“It is common practice for doctors to talk to one another to support patient care, whether it’s a conversation in the hallway or a quick phone call. While communication is increasingly challenging in today’s healthcare environment where physicians are seeing more patients, assuming greater administrative responsibilities and experiencing burnout, it is as important as ever and needs to meet the expectations of a physician’s workflow,” said Mary Mulcare, MD, Summus Chief Medical Officer. “Summus Peer-to-Peer provides a new, streamlined way for physicians to access specialist expertise to get valuable, real-time answers to help direct patient care.”  

Summus Peer-to-Peer prioritizes ease of use to access specialist expertise. Patients will benefit from shorter wait times from diagnosis to treatment, fewer logistical challenges from visits to multiple doctors, better continuity of care, and lower out-of-pocket costs from avoiding unnecessary in person specialist visits.

“Our new Summus Peer-to-Peer solution combines a marketplace model with technology and applying a deep understanding of clinical pathways and workflows,” said Julian Flannery, Summus Founder and CEO. “By accelerating access to leading expertise in specialty care and creating strong connections in the physician community, we improve the physician experience and provide the clinical support needed to maximize the primary care setting as the medical home for patients. This innovative model was designed by and for physicians to help more people in their healthcare journeys.” 

About Summus

Summus is the leading virtual specialty care company, founded with a mission to restore human connection in healthcare. Our proprietary marketplace model attracts leading specialists who support better insights and decision making across all health questions. With a curated network of more than 5,100 renowned specialists from top academic medical centers, and more than 2.1 million members around the world, Summus serves as the clinical front door to access trusted, high quality healthcare expertise, and to support people in the moments that matter most. Learn more: www.summusglobal.com.

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